The blindness of innocence

Ben Shapiro writes on WND:

In the last few years, the Supreme Court has written sodomy into the Constitution of the United States; affirmed that affirmative action was constitutional, citing a broader need for “diversity”; refused to rule on whether or not “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance was constitutional; and ruled that campaign-finance reform laws restricting free speech do not actually restrict free speech.

The saddest part of this judicial tragedy: Seven of these justices, including O’Connor, Stevens and Souter, were appointed by Republicans. While legitimate conservative Robert Bork promotes his books, Justice Kennedy decides cases. Chances are good that at least one justice will step down during the next term. There’s no guarantee President Bush would appoint a hard-line conservative to the court, but the chances are certainly better with Bush than with Kerry. Republicans must strengthen their control of the Senate to ensure that a real conservative reaches the court.

Conservatives would do well to remember what liberals ignore: The court is liberal, not conservative. And unless Republicans strengthen their hold on power, it’s going to stay that way.

Let me make sure I’ve got this right. Republicans have nominated 78 percent of this insanely liberal Supreme Court, seven of the nine sitting justices. Ergo, the solution is to elect more Republicans so they can nominate more justices in the future.

This is mind-numbingly stupid stuff. The Republican Party was founded as a big government pro-State party and except for a brief period of time when Ronald Reagan wrested control away from the party grandees, (to ultimately little effect), it has always been a big government pro-State party. It is nothing more than a brake on the Democratic party, it is not an engine for driving in the opposite direction.

The sooner conservatives and others who respect the US Constitution as written realize this and abandon the party, the sooner they can begin moving the country towards the freedom and liberty that are our national birthright. Shapiro’s not dumb, he’s merely inexperienced. I predict in ten years, he’ll be as disgusted with the Republican Party as I am.