Mailvox: Conservatives crack up too

BP writes: As usual you liberals try to make a Republican president sound “idiotic”. As you know ( because you are in “Mensa”) the quote you have taken out of context regarding religion was – CLEARLY – an attempt to say that the barbaric behavior of the Taliban was not part of the spirit of Islam. Meaning, most obviously to all but the most critical observer, that barbaric behavior has nothing to do with religion.

Right, that barbaric behavior has nothing to do with the religion of peace. Now, how about the barbaric behavior in the 34 other wars that are being waged in the Dar-al-Harb by the Taliban’s peaceful co-religionists. I’m sure those have nothing to do with religion too.

While I will agree it could have been stated better in THIS particular speech, you wait for one poorly worded sentence out of hundreds of speeches given each month – and use THAT quote to imply the president is an idiot. You go on to say, “all attempts at negotiation and reasonable accommodation are doomed to failure”. I say – you are EXACTLY correct. This is why this president has taken out the Taliban, restored some level of order to Afghanistan, taken out Saddam Hussein and his terror regime, began rebuilding and committing political suicide by asking for many more billions of dollars in an election year ( I guess this did not require any leadership on his part either?).

Political courage is spending taxpayer money? Are you sure you’re not a liberal? And what is it with people and math this week? Do you really think President Bush gives a minimum of seven speeches every day? Ten, if he takes weekends off.

In the same breath you liberals argue that we should not be there. Am I to assume you are saying that we should let these people continue to operate “status quo”? After we have been attacked AGAIN. Which is it folks? Pick a side, or at the very least pick a position!! As you say negotiating won’t work, apparently war is a bad idea too. Must be easy to sit there, wait for a bad quote and also not support ANY solution on the Islamic fundamentalists whatsoever, no matter what it is. You apparently support NOTHING.

If we get attacked again by Saudi-funded Saudi terrorists, what country will we invade next, Venezuela? They’re in OPEC too, after all. I have on several occasions suggested two very different alternatives, either of which will work better than the present course of action.

Great job….is what your (not) doing cowardice??

Perhaps, there’s a lot of things I’m not doing. Among them, writing to a notoriously illiberal columnist under the wildly mistaken impression that he’s a liberal. Are you feeling a little uncomfortable, conservatives? You should. This sort of thing is precisely why some left-liberals have rightly responded to my “Argue like a liberal” column by saying, hey, the right wing does it too.

There are no sacred cows. Passion is no substitute for logic.