Mailvox: The pinata bursts

JW bids us adieu: Let’s recap, shall we? 1) You refuse to seriously address any of the points I raised, particularly that of “original intent”, a point which you refuse to either justify or concede,but prefer to accuse me of “randomly blowing hot air”. 2) You confuse my letter with someone else’s, and then make sarcastic comments about MY reading comprehension skills. 3) You give me the nickname “Ace”.

Therefore I see little point in further correspondence discussing your ill-informed, ill-conceived opinions about women’s suffrage. You, sir, are nothing but a pompous big mouth— and you ain’t foolin’ nobody with that MENSA shit, neither!

For the third and last time, my dear Ace, I never made any argument based on “original intent” nor so much as even mentioned those words. Nor did I confuse your letter with someone else’s, I was simply trying to explain to you how you’d originally misconstrued my response to someone else’s comment as an original intent argument.

C’est la vie. Run along now.