Mailvox: the co-dependent presidency

AW writes from Mexico: Pretty outrageous of Bush, that speech of his. What with the “crusade” omission and the “not the expression of a religion” absurdity. And another zinger- Bush spoke of the war against the “ideology of terrorism”. But terrorism isn’t an ideology – it’s a method ! It’s like FDR saying WWII was a war against the “ideology of blitzkrieg”. Amazing, simply amazing. But have you noticed he’s still hated by Muslims as an enemy of Islam? The guy panders and it still does him no good. Another example, he’s pandered to Mexico more than any president in history. But here in Mexico, the media calls him an illegitimate president and likens him to Hitler. Will the guy ever learn?

I don’t know if I’d characterize the speech as outrageous so much as dispiriting. It’s been clear for over sixteen months that retreat from financial empire was out, and for nine months that decisive war is also out. I’m hoping that we’re not soon going to see another Pearl Harbor that will provide the impetus for kickstarting the latter option, but time will tell. Then again, one can never be too cynical where geopolitics are concerned.

As for the president, more and more he appears to have a relationship with his various foes that resembles a co-dependent battered woman. “Love me, love me,” he cries. “See what I do for you?” And all that gets him is another punch in the face. This is not a model of leadership, political courage or strength of character in my view.