Mailvox: Underwhelmed

KO writes: I totally agree with you in terms of the impact of females serving in our armed forces. I serve with them everyday, and have very little positive to report on them. Every unit I have served in contained them, and they just bring down morale. Whether it be physical training where they “lead the way” on our runs, or on daily task, they have a different mentality overall. It isn’t about kicking ass and taking names. They don’t do a whole lot, and when they do, they bitch and moan. They posture in sexual and flirtatious ways, and often enough, it works. They get out of doing details that way.

Males have a harder time telling them what to do, as it’s hard to yell at or scold a female. They also have a strong Equal Opportunity program in place. I have seen females just completely mute high-ranking NCOs by threats of EO complaints. Hitting on your point of pregnancy, they do do it to get out of deployments. In my training company we had to move the females out of our building. They were constantly complaining and threatening eo complaints. Some had merit, but most did not. When they moved out, there was a 50% pregnancy rate. Basically what it boils down to is this; they want the Military to conform to them and their needs.

Even so.