Mailvox: one or the other

JR writes: I’m a forty year old FEMALE military intelligence and civil affairs officer, and I’ve never slept with ANYONE!! (seeing how I’m still single). But I’ve sure had a number of SENIOR MALE military officers, most of them MARRIED, come on to me! We’re talking 0-4 and above here, so who’s “supervising” them? So should all women in the military resign to protect themselves from the men, or to protect the men from the men’s selves? Let’s not be so smug and self-righteous; plenty of American serviceMEN have raped civilian women in ALL of our wars! Should we castrate them? Maybe we can have an Army of eunuchs!

The essential point of my column seems to have been lost here. I’m not saying that it’s all the women’s fault, only that a lack of discipline is inevitable when men and women are mixed. This is why mixed dorms in colleges tend to be known for more partying than those that aren’t mixed, and why men and women use separate locker rooms at health clubs. The problem will only be solved when either women or men are removed from military service. One guess as to which sex I believe is best suited to do the required killing and breaking things.