There are successes, but….

One measure of the Bush administration’s foreign policy incompetence that it has refused to do the obvious in the one area of Iraq where it has been successful. The Kurds are happy to be liberated from Baathite rule, delighted to be on friendly terms with the United States and would like nothing more than their own country. Why don’t we give it to them? Are the lines drawn by British colonial officials really sancrosanct? (If so, our Founding Fathers have a lot for which to apologize).

Of course, the Iraqi Kurds only make up part of the mythical Kurdistan. The other Kurds are in Iran and Turkey. But so what? Turkey hasn’t exactly been a staunch and loyal friend, and besides, a potential partition of Iraq is no business of theirs. Turkey is a second-tier power; it can handle itself. And any potential destabilization of Iran would be a good thing, even if we’re putting off WWIII for a rainy day.

Apparently George Delano and company aren’t really quite as interested in furthering democracy and self-determination as they pretend. Otherwise, we’d already have witnessed the triumphant declaration of a free Kurdish nation.