Spoke too soon

Apparently NGSCB aka Trusted Computing has not been canceled. In a recent interview with WinEvil.com, Bill Gates confirmed, “Yeah, it [the NGSCB] just wasn’t evil enough for us. We’ve got a history of setting the evilbar pretty high, and our current efforts were “extremely irritating” at best… We’re looking for true unadulterated mindbending evil, and we know our customers won’t settle for anything less. Give us a chance — you won’t be disappointed.” Gates then proceeded to use a Windows XP CDRom as a prism to magnify his own inner evil until it was focused enough to melt a cute puppy, drawing appreciative applause from the crowd of evildoers. The crowd then had a huge WindowsXP InstallFest and cut off their own testicles in preparation for the comet Zurg’s arrival to take them away.

Seriously, it’s not canceled. So much the worse for us. Move to Linux. Ride the penguin. Now.