Not a bad sporting spring

Arsenal wins the Premiership and Milan wins Serie A. Now if the Vikings can just complete my personal spectating triple, I’ll be most pleased. Not that I don’t wish the Timberwolves well – I do – but it’s the NBA. Too many teams in the playoffs and the playoffs are too long. Baseball? Bah – go see Spiderman!

The Champion’s League game was fun to watch, at least what I saw of it. Monaco performed the most beautiful 2-on-3 breakdown of a defense I’ve ever seen. Morientes passes to an attacker in the middle and runs on to the right, the two defenders move to the ball, which is passed to the right on a breaking give-and-go past the third defender. Goal.

They tried it again a few minutes later, this time Morientes pulled it inside the third defender and only a great stop by the Chelsea goalie prevented them from going down 6-3 on aggregate. Some of those teenagers playing for Monaco are going to be making a boatload of money next year even if they don’t knock off Porto in the final.