The global reach

Joan Veon writes on WND: At the Millennium Summit in 2000, the United Nations presented the world’s 189 kings, princes, prime ministers and presidents a list of global needs. They include by 2015: reducing poverty and hunger by 50 percent, ensuring that children everywhere are able to complete a full course of primary schooling, reducing by 66 percent child mortality, halting and reversing HIV-AIDS, malaria and other major diseases and improving the lives of 100 million slum dwellers … among others. Notice this is not a country-by-country goal – which would reflect the idea of national sovereignty – but reflects a world united and governed through a universal political body called the United Nations. These goals have also been adopted by all of the extended U.N. family: the International Monetary Fund-World Bank, the World Health Organization, UNESCO, etc., as well as the Group of Eight heads of state. Many leading multinational and transnational corporations have also adopted these goals.

Interesting goals for what people dismiss as a debating society. I have said this many times: the United Nations is the most dangerous threat that mankind has ever known. Once it has tax revenues and a military, it will be a matter of seconds until the Maos, Lenins and Saloth Sars begin competing to seize the reins of power. The most ruthless of them will win. Contemplate, if you will, just what that sort of social engineering psychopath is likely to do with that sort of power and global reach.

A full course of primary schooling. Somehow, I suspect homeschooling won’t be smiled upon.