Don’t take their money

From WND: Homeschooling parents in a Canadian province have been ordered to stop using religious-based materials or other “unofficial” resources when they teach their children at home. Pamela Nagle, a Christian, is one of many angry parents in British Columbia who say they will not abide by the order, according to the Vancouver Sun. “They can’t tell me what to do in my own home,” said Nagle, whose son is homeschooled but attends a public school one day a week. Nagle told the paper the materials she uses should not matter as long as her son’s education meets British Columbia’s standards. “I don’t like the fact that they believe they know what’s best for my child,” she said. But Nagle is one of many parents lured into the public school system by a distance-education program, the Sun said. Through the program, she received about $600, Canadian, from the Langley school district in suburban Vancouver, which supplements the hundreds she spends of own money. About 6,800 children are in the program after it started as a pilot project with just 2,200. The parents say they enrolled in distance education after being promised they could continue as their children’s primary teacher. The availability of teacher expertise, as well as funds, was the attraction for the parents, while the school district saw benefit from the increased accountability. The children in the program also graduate with a provincial certificate, unlike the estimated 3,000 homeschoolers with no ties to the government’s education system.

There’s a reason they are offering you money. Don’t take it! It’s much harder to get out of a system once you’re in it than it is to stay out of it from the start. If you’re going to send your kids to government school, then send them off and forget about it. If you’re going to homeschool them, then do so knowing that you’re not going to get any help from the state. Any “help” that you are offered is almost surely a trap. And even if it isn’t now, it probably will be in the future.

Homeschooling is totally contradictory to the ethos of the educationist bureaucracy. They want to destroy it, and they are not above using deceit to do so. Keep that in mind when wonderful new programs for homeschools begin appearing in your school district.