Try reading it, moron

Joseph Farah writes: I knew this was coming in 2000 and told you then. I have met George Bush exactly once. In my presence, he was asked point blank what he would do if confronted with unconstitutional legislation on his desk. His response? “How would I know if it were unconstitutional?” Anyone asking such a stupid question is unworthy and unfit for the highest office in the land.

I’ve never subscribed to the Democrats notion that George Bush is stupid. He isn’t, as his SATs translate to an above average IQ of around 115 or so. Not impressive, but significantly smarter than many of his most vocal critics. But the fact that he would evade such a simple question in such a obvious and puerile manner only underlines my total unwillingness to support him in any way, even though Kerry is similarly indifferent to the Constitution.

His failure to veto a single bill out of Congress supports Farah’s first-hand testimony that we now have a president who has no interest in opposing unconstitutional legislation. He had his chance and he blew it. He does not deserve another one.