Mailvox: word from the soldiers

A captain writes: Great article! What you described in the Clausewitz quote what we in the military call the “decisive point”. Not sure if we have one. Hmmmpf. I think somebody forgot about that.

And the Original Cyberpunk recommends a Ralph Peters article which tends to support my statement about Iran as the operations center of the global jihad against the West: ON Saturday, Iranian agents ambushed an American convoy on the road between Mosul and Akre in Iraq. The attack did not go as planned: Our troops responded sharply, killing two Iranians, wounding a third and capturing two more.

They were carrying their identity documents. And you haven’t heard a word about it. The administration doesn’t want to admit how much American blood Teheran has on its hands.

I would say that sounds rather like an administration that is not paying any attention to the military dictum I cited this morning, wouldn’t you?