Mailvox: More reading comprehension issues

LookB4ULeap writes: “There can be little doubt there was sufficient cause for the American military to invade Iraq, unfound WMDs and United Nations’ resolutions notwithstanding.”

Cute but unqualified. Most of the free world rejected Bush’s “war” but according to you: “there is little doubt” that it was justified. Additionally, the “American military” was not the entity who decided to invade Iraq. It was Bush and his whacked out war cabinet with their bogus rationale. If you do a close review you will find that most of the U.S. military leaders were either against the invasion or advised that a larger force was needed. Those who advised against the invasion or criticized the planning were either derided or dismissed. You, Farah and Bush are much alike; deluded ideologues who think that they are right and everyone else is wrong… Keep dreaming and try to get your facts straight. Reality has a nasty way of catching up with people like you.

This is absurd. The Iraqi war is a multinational effort; Germany, France and Russia are hardly the entire free world. I never said that the American military decided anything, in this country, the American military is not allowed to decide anything but is wholly subject to the political leadership. More importantly, I have repeatedly stated that the Iraqi Occupation is a mistake and that Iraq should have been at most a peripheral target.

But it’s most amusing to be lectured on reality by anyone who thinks that Bush and I are much alike.