On the radio

In my hometown, no less. Just in case anyone’s interested, St. Paul of the Fraters Libertas was kind enough to invite me to appear on 1280AM-the Patriot, from 2-3 PM on April 17, for the last hour of the Northern Alliance Radio Show. I’m quite looking forward to it, as their blog indicates that we appear to have complimentary sense of humor. I think I can guarantee:

1. Gratuitous slams on the Minnesota Golden Gophers Women’s Basketball Team

2. The Star and Sickle’s performance of a metaphorical Monica on the aforementioned.

3. Much-deserved criticism of Sid Hartman and his noted work in the field of economics.

I don’t know if they’re taking calls or not, but if they are, I’ll post it here. Also, if anyone knows where it’s being broadcast on the Internet, please let me know.