Mailvox: are you even listening

AA takes the time to go through the Munich Manifesto and characterize each of the 25 points, stating along the way: 15. This is Social Security, something both Democrats and Republicans support. 16. Not at all Democratic, and not really Socialist, either. This was basically a way of redistributing the company’s wealth to citizens.

AA, by your own – inaccurate – count, you’ve got four things assigned to Republicans/right wing alone. You’ve got seven assigned to Socialists/extreme Communists/Democrats alone. And this does not even involve putting Social Security on the left – which it is, as the historical Republicans and modern libertarians oppose it – and includes accepting your bizarre notion that forced distribution of corporate wealth to labor is not socialist.

By your own freaking count the Nazis are left-wing! I am forced to ask the question, are you even listening to yourself?