Toad Swallowers

John Miller reports on NRO’s Corner: The Virginia toad swallowers–Republicans who support tax hikes–may push through their budget on Tuesday, according to the Washington Post. Now the Virginia Club for Growth says it will find primary challengers for GOPers who betray their party’s principles. That’s okay with Delegate James H. Dillard, Republican of Fairfax, who says, “The right-wing crazies may give you a primary, but they don’t get you elected.”

Got that, everyone? If you don’t support tax hikes, you are a right-wing crazy according to elected Republican Party officeholders. I don’t wish to give in to the language leaped immediately to the fore of my mind here, but let’s just say that it involves these politician-prostitutes, the equines on which they rode, and intimate inter-species relations.

I have much respect for conservatives as well as those who love freedom and small government, but I have no time or regard for the Republican Party. They might as well rename it Fredo. I’m starting to feel about them the way I feel about Democratics, only with an added sense of betrayal to boot.