Mailvox: You listened, now try reading

PM comments: Ah, yes…new chief evildoer al Franqen and the exploited, brainwashed blackman commit the cardinal sin of advocating our being good neighbors in the world. That would certainly seem to indicate that they’re denying the new supreme commandment: that an American by birth is vastly superior to any other creature on earth and has an obligation to assert his dominion. (Having actually listened to the show, I don’t recall either of them mentioning the UN here)

Right, there’s no connection between world citizenship and the only institution with serious ambitions to become the government that will hand out the global ID cards. And Chuck D would be the first to tell you that he’s exploited, after all, he’s only recorded about 100 songs on just that very subject. Man, you sad little lefties can’t even do sarcasm right, much less recognize the unconscious irony in a statement that the best Americans don’t recognize their own national sovereignty.

It’s truly a shame there’s all that nonsense in the Bible about being a peacemaker and meek and loving your neighbor as yourself. I’m beginning to think that Jesus must have also been shilling for the UN.

If you can’t tell the difference between instruction on interpersonal relations and advocating the seizure of private property by extortion, fraud and force in order to further globalist designs around the world, your reading comprehension is abysmal indeed. And if the Bible is any guide to the future, Jesus is far more likely to be gunning for the UN than he is to be shilling for it. He is the opposite of March, first Lamb, then Lion.