How to argue like a liberal

1. Make an untrue statement

2. Express astonishment that the source could possibly be inaccurate

3. Ask what motivation the source would have to lie.

4. Assert that the other party’s inability to explain motivation is tantamount to proof that the source is not lying.

5. Question motivation of contrary source.

6. Argue that all sources are equal.

7. Get very upset and storm off; alternatively, change the subject.

Never forget that an answer to a question you have asked should be regarded as a personal attack if the answer is something you don’t like or don’t approve of. Hmmm… Space Bunny just asked what next week’s column will be. I think I may have an idea….

Oh, there will be emails. Oh yes, there will be. (snicker-snicker-snack is the sound of the knives as they are sharpened.)