He wants to rewrite ours in like manner

WND reports: Iraq’s new interim constitution sounds many of the same themes as the U.S. Constitution in guaranteeing freedom of the people – with one stark difference: There is no right to keep and bear arms in the new charter. As Secretary of State Colin Powell hailed Monday’s signing of the document, which lays out the time line for Iraqi self-government, he encouraged his audience to read the new constitution. “Read this administrative law, and read what the Governing Council has written for the people of Iraq,” he said in a speech commemorating International Women’s Day Monday. “Read what it says about the rights of all Iraqis, the rights of women. Read what it says about a free judiciary. Read what it says about the military firmly being under control of the civilian authority.”

Powell next talked positively about arms control in a new Iraq, followed by mention of “rights” and “liberty.” “Read what it says about arms not being allowed within the society except under the control of civilian authorities,” he said. “Read what it says about democracy, rights, liberty, and what the new Iraq will look like. …”

Isn’t that fabulous! Now, when the next Hussein comes along, the Iraqi people will still be helpless! Wonderful! And I don’t know why anyone should bother reading Iraq’s new constitution, when our political leadership and judiciary clearly don’t read ours.

So, what did you do to celebrate International Women’s Day?