Speak of the devil

Daniel Weigel writes in Reason: Dispatches From the Culture Wars fundamentally misunderstands politics, pop culture, and the connections between them. By equating aesthetics with ideology, Goldberg makes a common but serious mistake: He thinks you can tell a person’s politics from the music she listens to.

The fact that a Christian Libertarian would write a song about a basically Japanese notion and title it after a Buddhist concept must confuse the smack out of Mr. Goldberg. I like Mozart and Metallica. I like Duran Duran and Dvorak. It signifies nothing, except that the Baby Boomers still haven’t gotten over themselves. Which is hardly news.

I can’t wait for the coming “Dentures are cool!” phase. I swear, that entire generation is 55 going on 16. No wonder the country is so messed up.