A great interview

DRUDGE: What I represent, if I see it correctly, is an independent voice who’s willing to take on presidents and networks, and reveal ratings they don’t want you to see.

PAGLIA: It’s so true. The Drudge Report has dramatized the process of censorship that’s going on, the filtering of the news by established news organizations. I used to think, at the beginning of the ’90s, that we had a relatively free press and that people were out to make their reputations in the Woodward-Bernstein model. But I no longer think that. Most of the reporters on the networks and in main northeastern newspapers are company men — shmoozing careerists who are desperately afraid to rock the boat.

This is one of the many reasons I love Camille Paglia. She isn’t afraid to admit that she can be wrong about things, that she changes her mind. This interview is definitely of interest if you appreciate either her or Matt Drudge.