Mailvox: Answering Mr. Brown

Christopher Brown raises a few points: 1. prayer is a hit and miss proposition since God may not have control over that for which we ask.

Prayer is a hit or miss proposition. I’ve prayed for things and haven’t received them. Haven’t you? Every prayer may be heard, but I don’t know anyone who believes every single prayer they’ve ever prayed has been answered. In Daniel, the evil spirit of the principality has the power to interfere with the prayer being answered for three weeks – who is to say he couldn’t do so indefinitely? Jesus also distinguishes between exercising our authority in the Earth and prayer requests when he tells the disciples that some demons may only be exorcised by prayer.

2. God promises eternal life (not merely long life)and yet, free men in heaven might choose to rebel. How then has God kept his word?

By giving them eternal life. You commit a logical fallacy by assuming eternal life and rebellion are mutually exclusive. You don’t know precisely what eternal life is, therefore you can’t say that it is impossible for free men in Heaven to rebel.

3. If God promises eternal life, and does not deliver because men in heaven have free will, then what?

Same fallacy as in point 2.

4. Then the Bible is unreliable. Then what?

False conclusion based on previous fallacy.

6. If the bible is unreliable then, vox is a liar, for he claims it has authority as a reliable book. Then what?

False conclusion based on previous fallacy.

7. If vox is a liar, we should not believe his goofy theories.

Believe what you want. God permits you to, how can I not follow His example.