Lavender is a color of the Left

A Harris Poll released Feb. 18 paints a picture of a homosexual community that is small, largely wealthy and highly political. According to the poll of 748 homosexuals, 87 percent are registered voters and 76 percent are “absolutely certain” to vote in November. However, few were inclined to support Mr. Bush. Only 7 percent described themselves as “conservative,” while 53 percent said they were “liberal” and 40 percent “moderate.” Only 11 percent were registered Republicans, while 62 percent said they are Democrats. Twenty-seven percent said they are independent.

I’m not surprised, but I find it interesting that homosexuals would prove to be almost as attracted to the Left as college professors and newspaper editors. It reminds me of that White Town song, where the one line “So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways” painted such a vivid image of some intellectually pretentious but poorly read homosexuals of my acquaintance that it made me laugh the first time I heard it.

The irony is that the powerful government machinery required by Leftist philosophy usually gets turned against homosexuals when the Left actually takes complete control. Centralized societies run by faceless bureaucrats tend to be unexpectedly puritanical. Not that homosexuals are alone in their misguided hopes, as strong government cultural conservatives have fallen into the same trap of believing that if only they can get at the wheel for a moment, all their problems will be solved. But there is no problem so severe that government intervention cannot make it worse.

Note – Yes, I know that Jyoti of White Town isn’t actually gay.