Propping up the Mark

WND reports: A lawmaker has introduced a bill that would require the government to use controversial satellite-tracking technology to monitor livestock from birth to slaughter. U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture to immediately establish a nationwide livestock identification system. The company she has in mind for the project is Digital Angel Corporation, originally formed to produce implantable tracking systems for humans. “The safety of our food supply is critical to our families,” said McCollum, who introduced the legislation Wednesday. “This technology will allow the Department of Agriculture to track an incidence of ‘mad cow’ or other diseases in livestock like chronic wasting disease discovered in the United States within 48 hours. We are fortunate to have a pioneer in this important technology right in my home town of South Saint Paul, Minnesota.”

And, of course, how can the UN force everyone to get digitially implanted if the company that produces the technology goes under? Kind of ironic that it’s headquartered right in my hometown – I knew about Digitial Angel and had even read their prospectus, but somehow its location had escaped me.

This is one of the few times that I sincerely hope it’s just the usual attempt at a local pork deal.