And this is a surprise how?

The Washington Times reports: Eighty-one percent of sex crimes committed against children by Roman Catholic priests during the past 52 years were homosexual men preying on boys, according to a comprehensive study released yesterday on the church’s sex abuse crisis.

I always enjoyed the official lavender line that homosexual priests raping boys was an indication of pedophilia, not homosexuality. As if the two were mutually exclusive. And, of course, this bizarre distinction would mean that Greek homosexuality – such as it was – wasn’t homosexuality either. Not that I expect a great deal of intellectual consistency from the lavender left, but this was particularly egregious.

The number is particularly impressive considering that homosexuals make up a very small percentage of the greater population, and presumably a small minority of the priesthood as well. As much as we appreciate the Queer Party Friends – and we do – they are not a sizeable percentage of this blog’s readership. There’s no question that the homosexual cult of the beautiful youth causes leads many homosexuals into an inordinate interest in teens and children; it should surprise no one that they are inordinately likely to be abusers of children as well. And if one’s entire self-identification is constructed on a violation of a societal more, it is entirely predictable that one will be less inclined to respect other societal mores as well. More creep not inevitable, of course, but it is common. The analogy is not precise, but I expect that most murderers don’t get too worked up about breaking the speed limit either.

Matthew Gallagher, executive director for Dignity, a Catholic homosexual caucus, called the findings “discrimination in the name of God.” “Bishops are scapegoating gay priests and this is just a way for bishops to deflect tension from their inability to protect children in their care,” he said. “Bishops are not using modern thinking when they say a gay man is more prone to having sex than a straight man.”

Apparently modern thinking is as deviant as Mr. Gallagher, in this case deviating from what was previously known as basic reading comprehension and math. The bishops are actually saying that a gay man who enters the priesthood is more likely to sexually abuse children than a straight man. Based on the statistics I’ve read, about 14 times more likely. But if the percentage of gay priests is equal to the percentage of gay men in the broader population, this extensive survey suggests that they are approximately 198 times more likely to abuse children then a straight man.