Mailvox: accusations of an intellectual coward

JL writes: You’re sounding an awful lot like John F’n Kerry these days. There is nowhere to hide anymore. If we do not bring the fight to the enemy they will surely bring the fight to us. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN (9-11)? And they will not just want to take out three-thousand Americans next time. They will try for tens of thousands! We are still at WAR!

Are we at WAR? Then why have we not bothered to declare it? Is the Constitution of the United States of America nothing more than a dead letter? I haven’t forgotten that Saudi Arabian-financed Saudi Arabians attacked us on 9-11. Apparently JL and the Bush administration have. And how do troops stationed in Iceland, Spain and Belgium protect us from further Saudi-funded attacks?

Please. Don’t even think about trying to conflate my intellectual positions with those of the Democratic Party. The very notion is absurd on its face.