Mailvox: what’s it worth to you?

AOC writes: I used to work the night shift in a large (80 bed)Neonatal ICU in California. Many of the women I worked with struggled hard to become pregnant (most were on fertility drugs). When they did become pregnant and have their babies, they would return to work 6 or 8 weeks later, crying because they had to leave their infants.The saddest thing was that most of these women didn’t really have to work at all. They were simply working to keep up a standard of living (BMWs and Mercedes,sub-Zero refrigerators, boats etc).

Yeah, I’ve never understood the notion of going overboard and abandoning your family in order to have two BMWs in the garage instead of two Subarus or whatever. As with everything, there is a law of diminishing returns to material things as well. I’d enjoy being wealthier, to be sure, and there’s a pretty good chance that one day I will be, especially if I can properly execute on my technological vision this time. Money is a necessity, unfortunately, but there is very little that is more precious than time.