Mailvox: Praise for the wishy-washy

MR writes: Just occurred to me that while so many neo-cons and war-supporters( cough-cough, Bill O’Reilly, cough-cough) are eating crow pie and suddenly sound like most libertarians have sounded for so long, you’ve managed to keep humming the same tune without missing a beat. Bravo/mad props/whatever for doing what many twice your age and experience in the public domain have failed to do: spin your line on the war without coming out looking like either a quixotic hawk or dove. Keep up the good work, and get a damn radio or television show, already.

Actually, I wasn’t crazy about my line on the war from the very beginning, but I couldn’t see any real alternatives to it either. We had to respond to the attacks that have been happening since Lebanon, but George Delano’s refusal to operate by the Constitution precluded my ability to fully support the war, even before it was clear that he was engaging in a Texas version of the Israeli two-step on a grand scale. At the same time, I am pro-military and I did not wish that message to be lost amidst my opposition to extraconstitutional military actions.

It’s true that Germany wasn’t tamed in a day, but of course, postwar Germany wasn’t surrounded by Nazi states either. I don’t think the occupation is looking very positive at this point. What is the end game, anyhow? Outlast a culture that hasn’t changed all that much since the 7th century? Monday’s column addresses some of my feelings on the issue. Radio? Maybe someday. TV, probably not, at least not until the Internet allows for producing one outside the media centers. As I’ve said before, I’m not sanguine about the medium.