Where to start

GM writes: Don’t you mean “Why I don’t respect women”? Generalizing your proposition does little to distract from the impression that you really don’t like women at all. Have you considered you might actually be gay?

This was interesting, as I usually get this sort of thing from angered feminists whenever I write on anything gender-related, but GM is a man. Anyhow, as I’ve previously written on numerous occasions, I not only like women but get along with them much better than most men because I am highly verbal and so can communicate on their level. This ability to relate and engage successfully in their form of social competition does not, however, mean that I share their emotional and behavioral tendencies, it only enhances my understanding of what is going on in their pretty little heads.

And yet I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand them, primarily because I don’t know very many women who understand themselves well. Women are complex creatures in comparison with men; indeed, one of the biggest communication problems between men and women is the constant female search for subtexts in texts that simply don’t have any additional levels or hidden messages.

As for my liking for women on a more primal level, I believe Space Bunny, Big Chilly or the White Buffalo are all capable of providing adequate support for both its existence and the genuine nature of it.