Deal with the facts

Increases in discretionary domestic spending per the Office of Management and Budget:

8.2 percent – (R) George W. Bush (Republican Congress)

8.0 percent – (R) Gerald Ford (Democratic Congress)

6.8 percent – (R) Richard Nixon (Democratic Congress)

4.3 percent – (D) Lyndon Johnson (Democratic Congress)

4.0 percent – (R) George Bush (Democratic Congress)

2.5 percent – (D) Bill Clinton (Republican Congress 6/8 years)

2.0 percent – (D) Jimmy Carter (Democratic Congress)

1.3 percent – (R) Ronald Reagan (Democratic Congress, 6 years R Senate)

Throw the pretty little theories out. With the sole exception of a uniquely principled conservative Republican, Republican presidents grow government faster and increase government power more than Democrats do. This strongly suggests that it is highly unlikely that John Kerry will, in fact, be worse than George Delano in this regard. In other words, there is absolutely no reason not to vote your principles and support either the Libertarian Party or Constitution Party candidate.

Since war is the health of the state and Democrats are almost as enamored with central state power as Republicans have proved to be, I don’t find the continued prosecution of the “war on terror” to be a valid reason for supporting George Delano either. The Democrats will be content to continue this undeclared quasi-war ad infinitum too. Hasn’t anyone ever read 1984? War without end is necessary for the boot in the face forever.