Libertarian Party candidates

I did a little research on Gary Nolan, Michael Badnarik, and Aaron Russo, three of the Libertarian candidates competing for the nomination. I hope to speak with each of them before making an endorsement. I have no qualms, however, about saying that each of these three men are VASTLY superior to either George Delano or John Kerry. I’d summarize my impression of their positions on the issues as based on their web sites as follows:

Gary Nolan: organized and articulate, sincere but appears to be somewhat of a comparative lightweight where the deeper issues are concerned. Has a blog of sorts, so he’s got Doug’s vote sewn up.

Aaron Russo: multi-talented dilettante. If elected, could be the only President to get bored halfway through his second term and resign. You’ve got to like that. Definitely a citizen-legislator sort. Rock solid on the issues.

Michael Badnarik: thoughtful, probably the most seriously intellectual. I liked his willingness to address abortion as well as his honesty in how he came to reach his position. Focused strongly on the highest priority issues.

At this point, I’d say that I’m leaning towards Mr. Badnarik, who appears to be cut from the same economically aware, highly principled cloth as Ron Paul. I encourage you to check out all three of their sites. However, I warn Republicans, it can be a little depressing to read these candidates on the issues and then realize that you’ve got George Delano leading the charge for the GOP, such as it is.

Since interest in the Libertarian Party appears to be growing, here’s where and how to join the party.

*Yes, I’ll be providing similar information on the Constitution Party this week too.