Mailvox: Perfect Aryans

Mayhem writes: Please explain “Perfect Aryan Bible Study.” Sounds vaguely racist, though I’m sure there’s a good story behind it. (Forgive me–I’m new in this part of town.

If you saw a picture of the group, you would understand immediately. It’s in Minnesota, where there is a high percentage of Scandinavians, and most of those who aren’t Scandinavian are of German descent. In other words, it is mostly tall, attractive, blue-eyed and blonde. Since I am dark-eyed, dark-haired, of Anglo-Saxon descent and of average height, I make a habit of mocking them for it. But it is in jest – Space Bunny and I were the fifth couple to join it. They are the nicest people I know.

It is true that Chilliette, who started it, was famous across her college campus for her first day in freshman year multi-culti class. The professor/PC indoctrinator asked everyone to tell the class their heritage and something about it of which they were proud, and when they got to to this pretty, blue-eyed blonde, she said: “I’m 100 percent Norwegian and I’m proud because I’m pure!” But the Bible Study isn’t the least bit racist, unless Vishnal has successfully fooled them all into thinking he’s black Norwegian or something.

Sadly for the Chilliette, she soiled her bloodline by marrying a Swedegian mutt, as Big Chilly is only half Norwegian, being half Swedish on his mother’s side. Ethnicity has an entirely different meaning in Minnesota – I seriously thought Anglo-Saxon was ethnic until I went to school on the East Coast.