Hack me

Yes, WND got hacked. I imagine a lot of WNDers are a bit hacked off, but I’m merely amused. You see, not only was I a member of the Thieves Guild back in my Apple II days, but Big Chilly and I also insisted on publishing our games without any copy protection. I even offered to have my books released for free in PDB format, but my publisher isn’t quite convinced that solving the lack of exposure problem is far more important than losing a potential sale to someone who might otherwise buy the book.

Besides, I’m a friend of the Original Cyberpunk, so I can hardly get bent out of shape about a little computer mischief. Now, virus writers are another matter. I meet a virus author, I’ll pop him one in the face and cheerfully pay the fine/do the time. It would cost less and waste less time than I wasted on virus-related matters before switching to Linux.