The Freedom Alliance

From NRO’s Corner: It strikes me that the Republican party is rapidly becoming the Democratic party of the first half of the 20th Century. Bush can be compared to Theodore Roosevelt – the first big government Republican, to FDR, and you yourself [Jonah Goldberg] compared him to LBJ. The Democratic Party today seems to be imploding while the GOP is rapidly recreating itself. I believe that in twenty years there will be a new conservative party, the Republicans will be the Old Democrats, and there will be no Democrats as we know them today. And I don’t mean a Patrick Buchanon-type conservative party.

Precisely. Now, if we can just get the Constitutionalists and the Libertarians to team up and adopt a Christian Libertarian position on abortion – using the unborn child’s unalienable right to life as a justification for secular libertarians while Christian conservatives will have to abandon their fondness for the War on Drugs – we can actually get things rolling. What the NRO reader describes is exactly what I’ve been envisioning myself.

The Republican Party is dead. Long live republicanism.