Desirous of their success?

Ralph Wiley writes: Why am I going with Manning and McNabb, two quarterbacks, when the AFC lost Super Bowls for a decade straight-plus in the ’80s and ’90s by depending strictly on quarterbacks like Marino, Elway and Kelly, while the NFC was depending on Lawrence Taylor and Ronnie Lott? It’s only because of how they have been personally attacked. It would be justice, I think, for them to beat the odds, as I see it.

Then again, the estimable Mr. Wiley went 4-0 last weekend, while I went 1-3. So, it might make more sense to listen to his intuition than my logic. Still, I am incredulous that he would tar all of us who believe that McNabb is overrated as “wink-wink bigots”, “the vast majority that are susceptible to being beak-fed from the talons of the great conversative birds of prey”. If my opinion is indicative of racial bigotry, then why on earth have I been championing Daunte Culpepper as a more worthy star in Donovan McNabb’s despite all season? I mean, Daunte is many things, but Caucasian he is not. I will, of course, freely admit to being biased towards the NFC Central Division – okay NFC North – in general and the Minnesota Vikings in particular, but I also believe that the main reason McNabb is overrated is because of a sports media bias towards the NFC East.