Celebrity-chasing columnists

I previously predicted a lot of Kobe Bryant columns in Rabbi “I talked to Michael Jackson once” Boteach’s future, so I’m not the least bit surprised that he’s leaping on Britney Spears with alacrity. Our societal enchantment with celebrity is bad enough when it passes for news, but I find it even more distasteful when it invades the commentary page. As if there’s not a thousand more important things about which to opine. I always thought WND was gunning for the New York Times, not the New York Post’s Page Six.

Look, I partied with Hans Lundgren, Guns-n-Roses and David Lee Roth back when I was living in Tokyo. So what? That’s no reason to write columns about them every other week, much less brain-dead celebs I haven’t even met.

The rabbi isn’t the only one guilty of celebrity-chasing. NRO’s Murdock couldn’t resist the temptation either. Neither could Derb, but he: A) was hilarious, B) mercilessly ripped Miss Spears’ talent, celebrity, intelligence and looks, and C) in one smooth flow, dropped a vicious quote from Samuel Johnson, called her the mother of the Antichrist and predicted the Apocalypse. Plus, he’s Derb and he’s down with the One True Dragon, so he can do whatever he wants, in my book.