We’ll try it out. If it becomes annoying, obscene or too much work to police, I’ll simply remove them.

UPDATE: Don’t worry overmuch about people trying to pollute the forum. The comments don’t show up unless you go out of your way to read them, and I can nuke individual ones anyhow. Nor will this blog become a self-referring circle that revolves around comments posted here. As has been remarked upon before, I have a talent for ignoring that which I wish to ignore.

UPDATE II: That should fix the width problem. Thanks CJ. Also, please email me directly if you are wishing for me to respond to something. I don’t promise that I will, but I’m basically just scanning the comments to make sure that no one is abusing the forum. I’m not policing it for agreement with my positions, only for basic civility and, preferably, a modicum of sense.