Tax trial update – judicial corruption

“At the bench, Judge McBryde openly admitted he had not read any of the Defense motions, but regardless, summarily dismissed all of them within seconds. “

Yes, we’re supposed to believe that these jokers are concerned about someone obeying the law. Right. McBryde should recuse himself, as he’s either incompetent or corrupt. This would be nothing but a Soviet-style show trial, were it not for the fact that the advocates of total government power have not yet been able to eliminate the jury. If you ever to trouble to read a transcript of one of these cases, you’ll see that the judge almost always flat out declares that the law is not what is written, the only law is what he says it is. This is a blatant lie, albeit one that the Supreme Court, in its decadence, has declared acceptable.

This is why you should always defend yourself in a tax case instead of using a lawyer, since lawyers have to fear the judge and let him get away with blatantly biased actions like this. Not being an officer of the court, the pro se litigant does not. Costs a lot less too, and from what I’ve read, pro se litigants have a better record than defendants represented by lawyers.

The best legal defense in the world won’t do you a bit of good when the judge simply rules it out and your lawyer meekly accedes because he doesn’t want to get disbarred. This is also why you should never submit to any proceeding other than a jury trial. You will never get a fair trial from a judge – no matter what kind of case it is, he wants to get it over with as quickly and easily as possible. The question of justice doesn’t enter in; I’ve personally witnessed a judge flip a coin to settle what should have been an open-and-shut case. Judicial corruption is an evil that preceded the Magna Carta and it is not only still with is, it is arguably as bad as it’s been in centuries.

Remember, courts have been illegitimately sentencing men to prison and worse for millennia. Gandhi, Mandela and the apostle Paul could all testify to this, as could Jesus Christ Himself. For all their pretensions, the courts are not inherently on the side of civilization or the Good, the Right and the True.