How peculiar

The results of a poll taken by Kevin McCullough after the radio show I did with him on Tolkein. Who is the hero of The Lord of the Rings?

Sam: 511

Frodo: 126

The Entire Fellowship: 63

Gandalf: 49

Aragorn: 28

Eowyn: 21

Gollum: 2

I’d be curious to know if there’s any difference between those who have read the book and those who have only seen the movie. Space Bunny points out that although Sam did resist the lure of the Ring, so did Frodo before he’d spent all that time carrying it. Samwise is heroic, to be sure, but the hero of the trilogy? I’d put Frodo first, followed closely by Aragorn, with everyone and anyone else a distant third.

Speaking of the show, Kevin writes: Several of you have been writing asking if you can re-hear that segment with VOX, we may re-run it on the air today or sometime this week… Cool. Or heck, let’s just do another one discussing why 511 people are off their rockers, or better yet, this.