No f$*^@(%$! chance!

Jean-Francois “hey, the FCC says it’s okay” Kerry announces that Howard Dean has no chance to get elected. Right, like he’s one to talk. Dean is at least somewhat interesting. Kerry is the biggest dork in the history of American politics. Seriously, it cracks me up every time I see him in that ridiculous leather jacket. I hope he gets the Democratic nomination, so we can see if it’s possible for a candidate to lose all 50 states.

It’s true, Dean probably doesn’t have chance, but wouldn’t you love to see the look on Hillary Clinton’s face if Dean somehow managed to beat George Bush? Considering that senators are almost never elected president, you have to wonder how divorced from reality they are to keep throwing their oversized hats in the ring. I think Orrin Hatch’s candidacy was probably my favorite no-hope run.