Microsoft’s first flat-quarter

The fact is, if you are negotiating with Microsoft, and you pull out a SuSE or Redhat box, prices drop 25 per cent from the best deal you could negotiate. Pull out a detailed ROI (return on investment) study, and another 25 per cent drops off, miraculously. Want more? Tell Microsoft the pilot phase of the trials went exceedingly well, and the Java Desktop from Sun is looking really spectacular on the Gnome desktop custom built for your enterprise, while training costs are almost nil.

We’ll see. It could be prophetic, or perhaps just wishful thinking. I have no doubt that “pull out all the stops” means the infernal Trusted Computing. But it’s a nice thought, anyhow.

Speaking of OpenOffice, I hope that reader who’s working on the random slide show for OpenOffice Impress is able to get that going. Let me know when you do.