Speaking of Ann

JG gushes: For the record currently you are my second favourite columnist after ann coulter . I will provide a list of your excellent qualities below: Funny, passionate, erudite, challenging, moral, good writing style, got-fighting-spirit, well rounded, follows the heart of the scriptures (mostly), up to the minute topical analysis, indepth analyst… must stop list, starting to sound gay….

I think we’re okay, as long as you don’t tell me I have pretty eyes. And, of course, assuming that “well-rounded” doesn’t refer to any part of my anatomy. Actually, the fan mail that is my personal favorite also mentioned Ann Coulter; the writer started off by stating that I was her favorite columnist and then proceeded to list a vast panoply of ways in which Ann’s writing was superior to mine. Most of which I agreed with. I haven’t imported my old email into Evolution yet, but if I do I’ll probably have to post it here. It was pretty funny.