The IRS is a fraud

Devvy Kidd writes: …according to a September 15, 2003 letter from GAO (General Accounting Office) to Congressman Elton Gallegly regarding W-4’s and reporting, this little nugget of truth stands out: “Under current law, IRS does not have statutory authority to impose a penalty to enforce employer compliance with the reporting requirement. The reporting requirement was promulgated in Treasury regulations.”

And yet Dick Simkanin is still in prison for a crime he did not commit and for which he was not convicted. Yes, Virginia, the Federal courts are corrupt and they are in bed with the con artists at the IRS.

I wonder how the IRS apologists manage to put any serious stock in the fact that the IRS has numerous court decisions on their side. Forget Dred Scott, recently the Massachusetts Supreme Court tried to redefine the Western concept of marriage while the 9th Circuit Court denied that the Bill of Rights applies to individuals. If your reality is defined by the courts, then I suggest that you go right ahead and get your man-slave back, marry him, and file a joint return.