How homosexuality destroys the church

Homosexuality is more than an Apollonian death cult; I’m increasingly beginning to suspect that it is, sopratutto, a spiritual disease. This chronicle of a dying church is a fractal image of the death of the Episcopalian church in America.

It’s intriguing to see how homosexual hatred for Christianity is becoming more overt and intense even as it is increasingly embraced by the secular mainstream. Was it this bitter back in the old days of the closet? I don’t know, but I have the impression that it wasn’t that way. All sin is sin, of course, but there appears to be something deeper going on here as well. I note that homosexuals don’t harbor nearly as much hate for Islam, despite the fact that Islamic society is far harsher on homosexuality than is Christian society, which only asks that homosexuals repent of their sin – as every other sinner is expected to do.

I also find the hysterical denial of the ex-gay movement to be interesting. Let me get this straight. We’re to take a man’s word for it that he has always been a certain way. But we are not to take his word for it if he says that he has been changed by the power of God in his life. Why, that’s logic worthy of Andrew Sullivan whenever he writes on anything having remotely to do with his sexual preference. I often like his writing, but his contortions over the oxymoronic concept of “gay marriage” are almost embarrassing.

By the way, if you don’t believe in God or sin, all of this is irrelevant. Regardless of the subject, I’m not interested in hearing anyone’s opinion on how something in which they don’t believe operates.