Caught, can I get a witness

From a College Republican at UT:

Edee Vaughan, the faculty advisor for the IC, [University of Tennessee Issues Committee] has lied to both the news media and administration about corrective actions that she took in the wake of those emails. Vaughan claims that she reported the emails to the Office of Student Conduct as soon as she read them (the day after they were emailed), and that in the next IC meeting (three days later) she took the entire committee to task for its inappropriate responses, and “sentenced” the offenders to sensitivity training.

We have found a student on the committee who is willing to swear that these are ALL lies — that the sole purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to respond to the negative publicity, and that NO rebuke or reprimand of any kind was given to the authors of those emails. There was NOTHING said about sensitivity training — just a reminder that they should be careful to avoid expressing those kinds of sentiments via email, because something might be “misconstrued.”

Yes, misconstrued. I seem to have heard that somewhere before…. It sounds as if the spin operation was already in effect by the time I spoke with the student head of the IC.