Black quarterback watch

From the noise emanating from the sportsjabbersphere, McNabb really was injured earlier in the season, as I had speculated. But the Eagles’ recent success notwithstanding, it’s not as if he’s been lighting it up for the last three weeks, though they have been an order of magnitude better than before. A 61 percent completion rate can’t be considered exceptional when it results in only 217 yards and 1 TD per game. Not when your three opponents have been Green Bay, Atlanta and the Jets, with a total of 9 wins between them.

Meanwhile, unheralded black quarterback Daunte Culpepper has lost the last three games, while exceeding McNabb’s performance by 4 percent completions, 54 yards and 1.66 TD’s per game. Guess which quarterback is paired with a defense that served up 42 points on a platter last week, and which one only had to rack up more than 14?

Which pretty much gets us back to Rush Limbaugh’s original point, if you think about it.

WEEK 11 POSTSCRIPT – McNabb looked pretty good today, though. Got to give credit where credit is due. And, I fear, the Vikings collapse is complete. I knew they were doing it with smoke and mirrors, but I thought Michael Bennet’s return would make it easier to keep up the act, not harder. No one deserves to win the NFC North at this point.