Mailbox: Zero

AT writes: GIVE ME A BREAK… why do you think the statement “runs/throws/hits like a girl” IS an insult. How many women athletes out there could kick YOUR ass? Many, I am sure. Men create these hackneyed phrases to keep women down in every sense. To run, throw or hit like a girl is not in and of itself an insult. It is our society – and specifically men – who make it such. If not – why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and pitch yourself up against some solid female athletes? I am sure you would be the one who ‘throws/runs/hits’ like a girl. Perhaps we should change that last part to throws/hits/runs like a close-minded right wing mania instead?

How many? Zero. I’m a former full-contact fighter and NCAA D1 sprinter. My bench max is 325 pounds. Only Marion Jones or the late Flo-Jo would stand the slightest chance of lasting more than 30 seconds in the ring or the back alley. Unless you have plenty of rounds under your belt, you can’t possibly understand the fullness of how being weaker and slower always equals being toast.

Put my money where my mouth is? Okay, I’ll be happy to meet any woman who’s interested in a full-contact match and willing to put up $1,000. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d beaten down a woman.