Mailbox: the golden rule

Reader HR writes: As a Christian who remains staunchly in favor of our involvement in Iraq, I do want to say that I think you missed the point when you said:”My opinion on the optimal way to wage war on Iraq should no more be considered a Christian position than is my opinion on the likelihood of the Minnesota Vikings finishing 8-8 this season.” Many think that Jesus told us to be pacifistic, whereas most will agree that he did not instruct us to shun athletic prognostication, however worldly that might be. So your two examples aren’t equal, and a stronger case can be made that Jesus would have us oppose war.My own view is that Jesus told us unequivocally to love our neighbors, and I can think of nothing I’d want more, if I were an Iraqi living under Sadam, than for someone to come and free me and my family. I’m glad we could do unto others what I’d want them to do for me.

Of course, Jesus also said that there would be wars without mentioning anything about trying to stop them. But the basic point remains, since nations are not individuals and so Christian principles cannot always be applied to them. Still, I agree that there is a very strong case to be made for the war on Iraq from the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” perspective. I know if I was living under totalitarian rule, I too would desperately pray for an army of liberation, however flawed its motives. An excellent point.