Boycott Norton Anti-Virus

cluge writes: A recent American Rifleman contained small column that said that Symantec’s new Internet Security 2004 would block pro gun rights sites (i.e. NRA sites), while not blocking similar anti-gun rights web sites. Being the eternal skeptic, this claim was tested by downloading the trial version and running some tests against it. To my surprise I found the every NRA site was blocked and was in the category ‘weapons.’ This even included the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. Some sites that were not blocked were notable anti-gun rights sites such as The Brady Campaign, and Good Bye Guns. The only anti-gun rights site that was blocked that I could find was Hand Gun Control’s web site. My rather informal test still raises the spectre that a large corporate entity may be clandestinely trying to sway you or your child’s political views by censoring content from one side of a political debate. This is indeed chilling, especially considering that such software is required to be used in libraries to protect children. Is this political slant common in censorware? Have slashdotters found similar glitches in other ‘parental control’ software?”

I was going to buy a copy of NAV from Symantec after a virus took down my intranet as well as my ISP, but I migrated to Linux instead. Now, I’m even more glad that I didn’t by from these censorware haters of Constitutional rights. Send Symantec a message by nuking NAV from your hard drive and replacing it with McAfee, AVG or Dr. Solomon. Better yet, have done with the Third Way neofascists all together and go Penguin.